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 24. Intl. Screenwriters' Workshop

Deadline is the   

 postal date of JULY 31, 2019


Download the application herehttps://bit.ly/2XZ8s5g


NOTE: Due to website reprogramming, the application should be downloaded.

There is no online application for this workshop.





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To apply:
1) Please click "Log In", menu will come up.

2) You can then register with your name
    and password.

3) Applications must be printed out, signed and
    mailed to our office with all  requested material
    per post and per email.

4) The requested printed material (script, letter, etc.) are vital to having your
    application complete.  Postal date of your hard copy material is evidence complying
    with submission deadline.

(Please include a self-addressed envelope if you would like your DVD material returned.)

For any questions, please mail to: selection@equinoxe-europe.org




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Don´t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.